About Me

Who am I?

My name is Samantha, a South African now living in London.
I absolutely love anything to do with food! I love cooking, I love watching cookery shows, reading food blogs and I especially love eating out.

Food has always been a big part of my life. My mom is the best cook I know and for her, and now for me, it is an expression of creativity and love. We never ate out while I was growing up, but since moving to London over a decade ago it has become a real passion of mine and I think inadvertently, for The Better Half (TBH) as well!

Why this blog?

I’ve been lucky enough to be taken to some really lovely restaurants over the years. Somewhere along the line I have become the go-to person when any of my friends or colleagues need a restaurant recommendation. Every time I try a new restaurant, I talk about it in depth to anyone who would listen and I suppose this blog is just an extension of that absolute passion for food and eating out.


All reviews are my own personal opinion and I write these reviews out of pure enjoyment – I don’t get paid for writing them, but I sometimes may be invited to review a restaurant as their guest. I am always 100% honest and I pride myself on my integrity. Generally I try to be positive but that isn’t always possible.

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