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8th December 2013
 AD12 at T42 is located on the 24th floor of Tower42  one of the largest buildings in the City of London. The restaurant formerly had Gary Rhodes’ name above the door and I have very fond memories of his restaurant as TBH’s dad was a huge fan and we took him there just before he sadly passed away. It was a fantastic family dinner that gives me a warm feeling inside when I think of it.  So Gary has now moved on and will be replaced in the Spring with a restaurant by Jason Atherton. In the mean time though the space is hosting a 12 week (October 1st – December 20th) pop-up by chef Anthony Demetre – chef/patron of Arbutus, Wild Honey and Les Deux Salons. Arbutus has long been on my list of restaurants to try, so I was really looking forward to trying his cooking at AD12.  
To start I had squid and mackerel ‘burger’ with razor clams and sweet spice – a signature dish from Arbutus, when I saw this on the menu I knew I would order it even though I am not a huge fan of mackerel. It’s a signature dish for a reason isn’t it? And I’m glad I did. It was packed full of fish and seasoned perfectly. The plate it was served on was also absolutely gorgeous.
TBH ordered the crispy pigs head, potato purée, mustard fruits. Served as a terrine, the meat was succulent and really rich. A really delicious start for both of us.
Rabbit saddle and shoulder ‘Cottage pie’,carrots,curly kale – for me it was the cottage pie that decided this one. I didn’t expect the saddle to be served separately, but I really enjoyed it. Tender and well cooked. The cottage pie was a little disappointing because there didn’t seem to be a lot of meat in the pie and was quite bland. The mash was creamy and smooth though, but it just wasn’t all that exciting.
I had serious plate envy when TBH’s main arrived. Grilled piece of beef, smoked beetroot, autumn vegetables, bone marrow. A gorgeous piece of meat served medium rare, but with a lovely charred crust. The smoked veg adding a really interesting dimension and the bone marrow a fatty burst of flavour. Every aspect totally delicious. 

I decided on the French & English seasonal cheese for my dessert. Containing Brie, Comte, a blue cheese similar to stinking bishop, a goats cheese and one other that was so, so oozy and so damn good! Wish I’d gotten the name of it. It was served with a couple of relishes, honey and a fruit loaf. I would’ve preferred biscuits but it was a fantastic cheese board all the same. Not the most exciting picture in the world, but I wanted to show the oozy cheese sitting at 10 o’clock on the plate. Yum!

The Better Half chose the warm chocolate soup, barley milk ice cream. For him, one of the nicest desserts he has had in a very long time. Rich, creamy chocolate topped with a pistachio crumb that added a lovely crunch and the dollop of ice cream cutting through the sweetness.

Service was professional and friendly, especially our waiter Giovanni. A lovely character that made us feel at ease.

We were fortunate to be guests of AD12 at T42 so on this occasion we didn’t pay for our meal, but the menu is priced at £55 for 3 courses plus drinks and service.  There are only 2 weeks left of this pop-up, which is a real shame but I will be sure to get myself to one of Anthony Demetre’s other restaurants sharp’ish and I advise you to do the same!
Until we eat again!

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