Big Apple Hotdogs (not quite a restaurant review)

25th November 2012

Over the last couple of years, the street food scene has totally exploded in London and some stands proved to be so popular that they now have restaurants (step up MeatLIQUOR and Pitt Cue Company to name a few).

BigApple Hotdogs is a permanent stand next door to the Roadhouse bar on Old street, but also appearing at KERB food market at Kings Cross and now The Gherkin in the heart of the City and a mere 5 minute walk from my office.

It does exactly what it says on the tin – hotdogs just as you would expect to find in the Big Apple. Big and sloppy and totally delicious!

TBH (The Better Half) had been boasting about these for quite some time as he works near Old Street and when we visited a new, “all the rage” hotdog restaurant, he was even more insistent that nothing could beat the hotdogs from Big Apple Hotdogs. And so the #dogoff on Twitter began.

The Big Apple Hotdogs are made up of between 94-98% meat (pork and beef) and the casings are all natural. So none of that rubbish you would expect to find in the more commercial versions, and you can tell. There are four different hotdogs on the menu, all with hilarious names, we opted for the ‘Big Dog’ (£4.00). According to the website – a coarsely ground blend of pork and beef sausage, seasoned with marjoram, garlic and black pepper before being double-smoked over German beech wood. The buns they come in are locally made and as soft as a pillow. To the side there are your usual tomato sauce and different mustards, fried onions and homemade pickles. I loved that I was able to sauce my ‘dog myself!  There was a distinct snap when you bit through the casing and then juicy meat. I could taste all the different elements, especially the garlic. In a nutshell, it was divine! This is what a hotdog should taste like.

I could go on and on about it, but all I will say is get yourself down to Old street or to one of the KERB locations and try one for yourself.

Abiye, the guy behind Big Apple Hotdogs, is fantastic and really takes the time to talk to all his punters. It sounds like he has some big ideas for his little stand…so watch this space!


Until we eat again!
Big Apple Hotdogs
 Old Street Cart
239 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY
(Tuesday – Friday 12 – 6pm)


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