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11th November 2012
Gordon Ramsay restaurants have been like buses for me. I don’t go to any for ages and then it’s two in one week! I’m not a huge Ramsay fan, mainly because I doubt he’s ever in the kitchen much any more. But I do love all the chefs that have come out of his kitchens – Jason Atherton, Angela Hartnett, Mark Sargent and the man overseeing Bread Street Kitchen, Stuart Gillies.
I was taken to BSK this week as an ‘end of project’ work celebration. The restaurant is situated in the One New Change shopping precinct, the first shopping centre to be built in the City for over 150 years! The restaurant is cavernous and very loud and every table was full when we arrived on a Monday lunch time, which speaks volumes about the quality of cooking coming out of the kitchen. The restaurant has been designed to look like a warehouse, all exposed brick and duct work, but with some fabulous Art Deco touches.
The menu is vast with a raw bar, salads, hot kitchen and wood stone section. I found this a little contradictory to the advice that Gordon Ramsay gives those that appear on his TV shows. Choosing was made a little difficult for some in the party and it didn’t help that everything that came out of the kitchen looked so damn good!
We decided to forego a starter and for my main dish I chose the Braised mutton shoulder hotpot with potatoes and garlic brioche crumbs (£22) from the wood stone section. The weather has turned distinctly cooler and this was a perfect choice for a cold day. It was absolutely delicious and I have not stopped thinking about it all week. I’m trying to recreate it in my head, but I think I will just have to go back to BSK with my husband to have it again! It was rich with red wine and the potato on top mashed to a silky smoothness. Others at the table had the steak, pork belly with apple sauce (which looked good, but I am told that the crackling was tooth-breaking’ly crunchy) and the roast cod with artichokes and a caper sauce. The cod would’ve been my choice had I not gone for the mutton and it looked as delicious as it sounded. The table shared sides of coleslaw and glazed carrots. Both were very tasty.
 My main dish was a mammoth portion so I wasn’t all that keen on a dessert, that and the fact that I am not really a sweet-tooth. The waiter could tell our indecision and suggested the table has a dessert platter to share. What a great idea! The platter had small versions of all the desserts on the menu which included bread and butter pudding, chocolate fondant, cherry bakewell tart and chocolate tart amongst others. I had a small taste of everything and must say that the chocolate tart was my favourite. It was rich, but not overly sweet and the chocolate almost shone, really very good.
 The service was relaxed and friendly. We had a trainee working on her first day along side our waiter. Watching the waiter, he was really patient and thorough with her – a good testament to him and the rest of the staff at Bread Street Kitchen. Throughout our meal we never felt intruded upon and it is not only a great place for a business lunch in the City, but also a great place to relax after some serious retail therapy at One New Change. As I was on a business lunch, I didn’t see the bill. But looking at the menu prices, it is priced very reasonably. All in all it was really enjoyable meal, I will definitely be back!
Until we eat again!


Ps: Thanks to David Martin at Bread Street Kitchen for sending me the pics. As I was on a business lunch, I didn’t think it appropriate to whip out my camera to photograph my food.

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