7th October 2012
We decided to go to Bubbledogs based on all the hype it’s created in the social media. That and who doesn’t love a good hotdog? I wish we hadn’t have bothered! Don’t get me wrong, there are some good things about it – like the friendly staff and the buzzy atmosphere – but I just found the food to be quite ordinary!
We were expecting some gourmet sausages and possibly some artisan bread rolls, but what we got instead were some pretty bog-standard sausages and bread that you could easily pick up in your local supermarket. The Better Half and I each had the Buffalo and the José, which sounded great. But the toppings were meagre with just the thinnest scraping of avocado and tiny drizzle of sour cream in the José that I had. I was hoping for the toppings to be so bountiful that it became messy and oozed out of the bun, but instead I barely needed to wipe the tips of my fingers with a napkin! I felt that I could easily recreate these at home, with better results, and that defeats the object of eating out to me.
The side dishes of sweet potato fries and tots (think hash browns in the shape of croquettes) were delicious though, crispy and not too oily. I just did not like the presentation in card board boxes!
It was good to try some of the little-known producers of champagne on the list, but it would’ve been nice to see more champagnes by the glass. Although I do understand that they can’t open every single bottle. There is definitely some disparity between the champagne bar and the food that is served. The bill for 2 people came to £47 for 2 hotdogs, a couple of sides, 2 glasses of champers and a beer.
Interesting concept, but I think you could get better hotdogs elsewhere. 
Until we eat again!

Since writing this post, I’ve been reading alot about The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs and this, it would seem is what the hype is all about! Seating 19 people around a horse-shoe shaped table, James Knappett (ex head chef at Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley) is apparently showing off what he can really do! I have yet to try it, but it’ll have to wait until I’ve got through my bucket-list.

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