Flat Iron

2nd February 2014

I’m a steak snob. There, I said it! Growing up in South Africa, where red meat is king and babies practically cut their teeth on biltong; a good piece of steak is pretty easy to find and not terribly expensive.  Not so in the UK. You can’t buy a decent steak in a supermarket (or I haven’t been able to find one yet) and if you want to eat one in a restaurant, it’s going to cost you.

So bearing all of that in mind, when Flat Iron opened in Soho selling steak and salad for a tenner; I was dubious to say the least and every time TBH suggested going there I always found somewhere else I would rather go. Steak for £10? Puh-lease‼! Until one Monday in January when we both had the day off, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

We arrived after the lunch-hour rush and there were still quite a few tables occupied in the tiny restaurant, but we were seated straight away. As the restaurant only serves steak and a handful of sauces and side dishes, there wasn’t much deliberating over what to order. Steak and salad as it comes for me (£10.00) and steak, chips (£2.50) and peppercorn sauce (£1.00) for TBH. While we waited we were given a tin cup of popcorn with beef dripping to snack on. I really liked that they served something completely different and it was a good thing that it came in the size it did, because I love the stuff and can just keep on eating and eating it.

The steak arrived pre-sliced on a plank and was cooked to a perfect medium-rare. The mini cleaver that it came with was so cute! The side salad of lamb’s lettuce was served in a tin cup just the same as the one the popcorn came in and was dressed with a lovely wholegrain mustard dressing, I just wish there had been more of the salad.  The flatiron cut of meat comes from the shoulder of the animal and is really marbled which packs in the flavour. It was lean and succulent and I enjoyed every mouthful. I had a few sneaky chips and they were crunchy and well-seasoned. The pot of peppercorn sauce was a tad on the small size, but the taste I had was nice.


Service was relaxed and friendly and the total bill for 2 soft drinks, 1 beer, 2 steaks, chips and sauce came to £38.81 which included service.
I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Flat Iron and I definitely recommend it if you have a steak craving and don’t want to pay a small fortune.

Next up is a review of Chotto-Matte in Soho, a restaurant specialising in Peruvian Nikkei cuisine. 
Until we eat again!

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