Patty & Bun

10th April 2013
We’ve just returned from a 3 week holiday where we ate out two or three times every  day. Instead of coming back to London and getting straight back on with the health kick, we decided to tick another restaurant off my bucket list. After a long flight and many boozy nights in South Africa, only a burger would suffice. 
Patty& Bun is nestled on a side street just behind Selfridges, in a neighbourhood that is bursting at the seems with ‘Dirty Burger’ joints. Competition is tough, but arriving 10 minutes after opening and with a queue already out the door, this had to be good. And it was.  The restaurant is cramped, seating only 30 covers, but quirky. I liked the artwork drawn on cardboard boxes, the school desk type tables and the dance hall soundtrack.
The menu is succinct, with only 6 different burger options and 4 different side dishes. But what more do you need?  I’d heard great things about the ‘Ari Gold’ cheeseburger (£7.50) so that is what I chose. TBH went for the ‘Smokey Robinson’ (£8.50) which had added smoked bacon, we also ordered a side of rosemary salt chips (£2.50) and the ‘Winger Winger chicken dinner’ (£5.00) Great names, aren’t they? The food all arrived pretty quickly and we got stuck into the BBQ smoked chicken wings first. The meat was so soft that you could just pull the bone straight out. Slow cooked to perfection. But I have decided that BBQ wings are just not for me. They’re too sweet for my palate and I much prefer the buffalo style wing. My cheeseburger was cooked medium rare – take that, Westminster Council! The meat was well seasoned, but the brioche bun became a little soggy and didn’t hold together very well. Putting the burger down would’ve been a fatal and very messy mistake, so I scoffed! Or maybe it was just that good? I had a little taste of the bacon in TBH’s burger and thought it was delicious. I don’t usually like adding bacon to a burger because I feel that it messes with the flavour, but tasting that had me contemplating ordering the Smokey Robinson next time. The chips were delicious, I much prefer them to fries and was happy to see thicker cut chips. Crunchy and well-seasoned with salt and rosemary. I could’ve eaten another portion. 
The Ari Gold Burger
The Ari Gold cooked medium rare
Winger Winger Chicken Dinner
Rosemary Salted Chips
The staff managed our expectations well while queuing and once inside were smiley and really accommodating. I couldn’t help overhear my neighbour’s many demands for a skinny burger and a gluten free salad dressing and this and that and yadda yadda (I told you it was cramped!) I was impressed when her burger came out wrapped in lettuce leaves and when the salad dressing wasn’t right, the chef brought out a different dressing. Who goes to a burger bar and expects a healthy meal? Surely that defeats the object. Anyway, the staff handled her extremely well and all the while still smiling!  
Our meal came to £35 including service for 2 burgers, chicken wings, a beer and 2 soft drinks. All in all great value for a really good burger, but be prepared to queue. 
Over the coming weeks I have some fabulous meals planned. The next one is a post-holiday catch up with a dear friend at Donostia. Keep a look out for the review…


Until we eat again!

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