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28th July 2013

It’s been a while! No internet at home for the last 6 weeks has made blogging very difficult, but I am back with a vengeance and there are some exciting restaurants and food festivals booked in the near future that I am really looking forward to.

I was meeting bestie mid-week to be her +1 at a beauty blogging event that she was invited to in Leicester Square. This area of London is a tourist mecca and packed full of chain restaurants (most of them not very good), we were also pushed for time which made this a real challenge to find somewhere nice to have dinner before the event. Thinking cap on. There were a few options, but the one we settled on was Steak & Co.
Steak & Co. is situated right at the very edge of Leicester Square, with a lovely outside area that is perfect for people watching (one of my very favourite pastimes!)  London has been experiencing a heat wave in recent weeks so it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy the great weather. The menu is varied and there were a few options that caught my eye, but as it’s a steak restaurant, we both decided to go for that.  The concept is that you cook your own steak. It is cooked to a medium rare in the kitchen and then it is served on a hot stone for further cooking at your table. You are also given a choice of seasoning, butter and sauce.  What a great idea. In theory.
As we were in a hurry, we decided to forego a starter. We both ordered the Rib Eye Steak (£13.50) with chilli salt, garlic butter and a mushroom sauce for me and a red wine sauce for her. We also ordered a side dish of chickpea and feta, sweet potato chips and a mixed salad. I didn’t keep the receipt and the prices aren’t shown on their website unfortunately. I loved the presentation of the steak on top of a hot rock with each flavouring coming in a separate dish for you to add as much or as little as you would like while cooking your steak. But the dish was really awkward to eat. As you would expect, the hot rock was indeed very hot. But trying to cut the meat and eat the sides without giving yourself a third degree burn was really difficult. The rock also became really smoky as the fat from the butter and the meat sizzled. Thank goodness we were sitting outside because if we hadn’t burned ourselves, we would’ve surely died of smoke inhalation! I exaggerate, but you get my meaning. The steak was nice enough though and a real bargain!

The sweet potato chips (not pictured) were crispy and really enjoyable. The other two side dishes were pretty average though. The chickpea and feta salad was more of a mixed bean salad with a few chickpeas thrown in and they looked like they had come out of a tin.  The side salad (not pictured) was erring on the side of over-dressed, but still quite refreshing. My mushroom sauce was nice enough, but nothing special. The red wine sauce that bestie ordered was apparently too sweet and more reminiscent of a BBQ sauce. All in all the food was pretty pleasant, but nothing that wowed either of us.

Service was friendly and very efficient and it was a nice touch when one of the waiters noticed that bestie’s glass was covered in grease and immediately replaced it. Truth be told, I didn’t hold out much hope for any level of good service in that area because it is such a tourist trap and they just churn visitors in and out as quickly as possible. How wrong I was.
Our total bill for 2 including a bottle of wine and service came to £64.00. See? I told you it was a bargain!
There really are some exceptional steak restaurants out there with the likes of Hawksmoor (my favourite) and Goodman leading the way. They’re pretty expensive though and I think for the price and location, Steak & Co was very good value. As a serious carnivore though, I’d probably still stick to the big players in the steak field – you just can’t beat their quality!
Next up The Better Half and I are going to Truck Stop which is a pop-up in Canary Wharf of some of the best street food in London at the moment. Can’t wait!
Until we eat again!
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