#STFFBitesize: Mac and Wild Devonshire Square, London

31st July 2017

Hey! Remember me? It’s been a while. I’ve been struggling with a few health issues and whilst I’m not out of the woods just yet, I am getting there.  I’m on pretty strong medication that makes me very sleepy and means I can’t drink any alcohol at all, so going out hasn’t been a massive priority. I just haven’t felt up to it.  But as my health is improving, I am starting to feel braver and the lure of Mac & Wild’s Instagram feed eventually proved too hard to resist this last weekend. So I booked a table before the feeling left me.

Food: The Better Half  (TBH) and I have recently discovered a love of oysters and we have them at every opportunity. These Isle of Bute oysters were plump and tasted of the sea. Delicious! We also shared a Scotch Egg because I am a total sucker for anything with an egg in it, especially one with a runny yolk and crisp exterior such as this. I hadn’t read the menu properly and didn’t realise that it was served with English mustard on the side, so I nearly blew my head off when I dipped the egg in the mustard rather too generously!  TBH’s large mince on toast reminded him of the same meal his Scottish mum made for him as a kid, but this example was far finer and we both declared this our dish of the evening. It was rich and tasted as if it had been cooking for hours and perfect for the seriously autumnal weather we’ve been having lately. (If anyone knows where Summer’s gone, could you please ask it to come back?) My burger was nice enough, but I didn’t think it was anything special. Again, the chips were nice enough but at an extra £3.50 you would expect your chips to be much more than just nice enough. We felt a little ripped off by these to be honest, but we totally made up for it by ordering a side of haggis mac & cheese which was every bit as rich as it sounds! We loved it. The millionaires shortbread was a deconstructed version and we both enjoyed the whiskey flavoured caramel. The shortbread was also just the right side of crumbly. All in all, we very much enjoyed the food and would be keen to try some of the other dishes on the menu.

Ambiance: Not Scottish themed, but there are some Scottish touches dotted around the restaurant. Tartan covered seats, stags heads and toilets named “Laddies and Lasses”. It’s casual and informal and perfect for a night out with friends.

Service: The tall Lithuanian lad with the ginormous beard (didn’t get his name, but you won’t miss him) was an absolute pleasure to have serve us.

Price: We paid £68.91 including service and 1 beer but we did indulge in the 241 beer and prosecco outside before hand at £14.00.

And finally…I love how Mac and Wild celebrate the best of Scotland’s produce and how they state the provenance of that week’s meat on the menu. It’s a great touch. This summer, the Devonshire Square restaurant has a 2-4-1 Beer and Prosecco pop up in the square outside the restaurant, which is where TBH and I started our evening. As it’s covered (and our Great British weather is so unpredictable), I would highly recommend this is where you start your evening too. The restaurant also offers loads of different experiences such as foraging and butchery classes, which I am keen to try out.

Isle of Bute Oysters

Mac and Wild Scotch Egg

Large Mince on Toast

Veni-Moo Burger and Chips

Haggis Mac & Cheese


Millionaire’s Shortbread


Until we eat again!

Square Meal Mac & Wild Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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