Wild Honey

1st March 2015


My resolution for 2015 was to do a better job of ticking restaurants off my bucket list and so far so good.  Two months in and two ticks down. Wild Honey has been a fairly recent addition even though the restaurant has been open since 2007. I added it to my list after my very enjoyable visits to Arbutus and the AD12 at T42 pop-up, who are also by chef Anthony Demetre and his business partner Will Smith. (There is also Les Deux Salons in Covent Garden, that I have not been to yet).

Located in Mayfair, Wild Honey has a very gentlemen’s club feel to it with its wood panelled walls and low lighting. It’s a really warm and inviting room with some really nice artwork making it feel more modern. We were warmly greeted upon entering and seated at the banquette seating to peruse the menu. The Better Half (TBH) and I had already decided to have the set lunch menu and as there were only three choices for each course, it didn’t take long to choose what to have.

We kicked off with an amuse bouche of seabass ceviche and mushroom purée.   For both TBH and I, the mushroom amuse was the more enjoyable of the two with a strong mushroom flavour, a smooth purée and a nice crunch from the crisp.

When it came to the starters, there was a little tussle between TBH and I over who would have what. (He has this thing that we can’t order the same dish!) He let me win and so I chose mushroom velouté with soft poached egg and mushroom jam. It was creamy and the oozy yolk adding a lovely silkiness to the already rich soup. The mushroom jam was intense and brought texture. Delicious and perfect for such a dreary day. I think TBH had a little lot of plate envy! Sorry love, I didn’t make the rules!

For his starter, TBH chose the slow cooked belly of pork with carrots, pear and chorizo. The pork was succulent and the crackling was crisp as you would hope it to be. The pear and chorizo were little globlets of purée that he said were rich and well flavoured. It was a nice dish, but it sounded better on the menu.

As we decided to order from the set menu and with only three choices, The Better Half’s dislike of us ordering the same thing went out the window because the fish option included fennel and there was no way I was having anything with fennel in it! Neither of us fancied the vegetarian option so we both ordered the slow cooked Welsh lamb, lambs cheese, young spinach and carrot. When it arrived, it smelled gorgeous and while it did all taste very good, it wasn’t all that exciting. It was just a good roast dinner.

For dessert I had the Wild Honey ice cream with honeycomb. The portion size was perfect for me and I’ve decided that I love honeycomb! It added crunch and a sweetness to the creamy ice cream. A really enjoyable dessert for me. 

TBH ordered the cheesecake tart with rhubarb. This was his favourite dish. The pastry was crumbly, the rhubarb was nicely sharp and again the portion size was just right.

Service was extremely efficient and we were done within an hour and fifteen minutes! This is great for a business lunch but I would’ve preferred something a little bit more leisurely on a Saturday afternoon. We paid  £92.25 which included a carafe of wine and service. For a Michelin starred restaurant this is incredible value. We noted that the a la carte menu was much pricier, but most restaurants do really good value set menus, so I would say this is the way to go if you don’t want to spend a small fortune.

Our lunch was enjoyable and there was nothing to complain about per sé, but there was also nothing that really stood out for TBH and I either. It was a nice lunch, in a nice location and at an affordable price.

Until we eat again!


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  • Reply Frankie The Mayfairy 2nd March 2015 at 11:51

    The concept of cheesecake tart really excites me! All looks good, but if I’m spending the best part of £100 for two people I feel like it should stand out. I know it’s not the most expensive meal around, and probably is great value for Michelin starred food… but still.

    Maybe I’m just greedy!

    • Reply SamTheFoodfan 8th March 2015 at 14:15

      Totally agree with you Frankie. It was nice, but maybe I’m just getting fussy?

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